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2013 California Distinguished School

2013 California Distinguished School


Bosch, Cathy

TH Parent Calendar

Here is the calendar you need to access! All sports practices, games, holidays, and important dates that you need to know are in one place.

Parent Calendar








Twin Hills School Parent/Student Handbook


FAQ’s Dress Code

Dress Code can be found on Parent Info page

school supply list

Here it is the Hot List of the season!


Current School Supply List

School Map

Just in case you need it.  If you get lost or just plain confused, remember the office is the safe zone to come and ask questions.  We will gladly help you get to your designated classroom.  FYI just remember your manners..

School Map


Come and check out our school..No Interdistrict Transfer needed

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Magazine & Cookie Dough Fundraiser


Parents thanks in advance for participating in the school-wide fundraiser. All of the money earned goes to pay for many student activities.

A few key items of note:
Magazines/Home Delivered Gifts

* Use either of two web sites to get to the magazine home page to place an order:



* By ordering on-line your orders will get to you in the fastest way possible.
* On magazines that you are renewing, please make certain that you use the exact name that you have on your current subscription, when you fill out the new forms.
* The Magazine catalog also includes gift items. GIFT ITEMS WILL BE MAILED DIRECTLY TO EACH CUSTOMER. NO need to deliver anything from your end.

Cookie Dough

* The cookie dough is made locally by Stella's Cookies.  Stella makes the cookies in the "It's It Ice Cream Sandwich" -a San Francisco favorite for many years.
* Cookie Dough will be available for pick up later in October in the MPR at school. Please make certain that you have a home phone or parent cell phone number on the cookie order form. We will call you in advance of the pick up date as a reminder.


* Your student has two days to turn in orders at the MUR before school begins. Those days are 9/12 and 9/19.
* All items count as one order, an example
5 boxes of cookies, 3 magazines, 1 Home Delivered Gift = 9 orders, even if one person orders all of these items.

If you have any questions, please contact our fundraiser representative, Craig at (925) 323-9091.  Please be sure to leave your name, your question(s) and a return phone number.  Many thanks for your support of our school!

Volunteering Opportunities

We have one big fundraiser during the school year, and that would be our annual Magazine and Cookie Dough Sale-A-Thon! We need help during the turn in days for this event, and would love for it to be YOU! The job consists of needing to be here 8am-11am on the day, tallying up students orders, adding everything up at the end of the turn-in frenzy!  The days needed are Friday, September 12th and Friday, September 19th.  If you can do one or both of these events please email Ms. Franceschi at the email address below.  Thank you!!



important information for incoming 7th graders

A new state law has been implemented for incoming 7th graders, they have to have a Tdap booster shot or immunization waiver signed prior to entering school for their 7th grade year.  Proof of immunization is needed in order for your student to their schedule for the 2013/14 school year.  The Tdap booster needs to be given after your student's 7th birthday to be updated.  Most students haven't received this booster since entering kindergarten.  Bring in proof to the office before May 3rd to insure your student gets their schedule in August.  If we have not received proof of immunization or a waiver signed (in office) prior to schedules going out your student will not get one.  Another downfall is students can not be on campus to start the new school year without this proof.  So please get on this now, it really is that important.  Call the office with any questions.  Follow the link below for FAQ's regarding this state law.

Shots for Schools 7th Tdap Law

Salas, Dawn Sys Admin

Shadow Dates and Tours

If you are interested in learning more about our school and it's campus please email me or call the office to schedule your tour or a shadow day for your student.  We usually schedule shadow days on Wednesdays our early day but we are also able to work with your current school's schedule.  Tours are given anyday and are best in the morning hours (9:15am) but we can work with any schedule.  Come check us out, it will be worth your time.

Today: 9/23/14

homework club

Homework club will start Tuesday, September 2nd for 6th grade.  6th grade HW Club is Mon, Tues and Thursday from 3:30-4:30pm.  7th and 8th grade is Monday and Thursday 3:30-4:30.  Renew starts Tuesday, September 2nd and runs Tues, Wed and Thursday every week 7:45am-8:15am.  Call the office if you have any questions.

Weekly Progress Report

There will be a new progress report for students to give to their teachers on the website soon.  They are already in the office and the teachers expect the kids to bring them in Wednesday now.  They take one for each teacher and leave them in the teacher's box. 


After School Pick Up

We have had complaints from Pleasant Hill Christian School about parents picking up their students and parking in their lot.  It is strict Board policy backed by Ed Code that students be picked up here on campus.  We have gotten clearance for the fire station, only while a crossing guard is present for pick up.  The school and cemetery are NOT to be used as a pick up for students.  We understand the traffic can be a lot to manage but these are rules for everyone.  Even alumni from PHCS and siblings of current students.  The congestion is only for the first 10 mins either get here early or get here a couple of minutes later (prior to 3:30 regular day, 2:30 Wednesday).  Thank you for your help in supporting our rules and kinship with PHCS.