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Art students respond to current events

Stirred by the recent events of school violence, and in addition to the student led movement for school safety and policy reform, we have been responding to our students’ concerns, questions, and ideas as they process through such incidents. Powerful and empowering conversations have been happening leading to 6th and 7th grade art students becoming interested in will exploring ideas around deconstructing the word ‘victim’. We spoke about taking away the first four letters (V I C T) to use the remaining letters, I and M as a springboard to complete the sentence, “I am…” The use of the word victim or victims is often considered disparaging and dis-empowering. When we remove the first letters of the word, we are able to look at the word and its meaning differently and make choices about who we are and what we might become. Students will be encouraged to use their art as a voice to express what they are and what they can be. When asked to complete the sentence, “I am …” student responses included strong, unique, awesome, brave, young, caring, confused, disappointed, surprised, fast, afraid, excited, free, proud, artful, creative, hopeless, angry, smart, hopeful, tired, loving, and finally, ME.


A click here takes you to the website to view the work and read about the process in creating the work. 

6th grade stem shipwreck


6th graders enjoyed their day of learning with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) shipwreck day.



Seventh- and eighth-graders celebrated National Poem-In-Your-Pocket Day in Ms. Silver's English classes, capping a month of poetry exploration. Kids brought in their own favorite poems or picked a new one from the poetry "basket," read it aloud to each other and then shared what it meant to them personally. The day coincided with the national month-long poetry celebration in which everyday people get to share poetry and see how it easily fits into all of our lives. Some kids recited their poems all day long and took them home to share with their families. A few Twin Hills poets shared their own work in the daily bulletin and on the school's Facebook page. As national Poet Laureat Billy Collins said: "Poetry can and should be an important part of our daily lives. Poems can inspire and make us think about what it means to be a member of the human race. By just spending a few minutes reading a poem each day, new worlds can be revealed. ”



Rotary teacher of the year is awarded to 6th grade teacher, karen mckenna

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Twin Hills Parent Calendar

Here is the calendar you need to access. All sports practices, games, holidays and important dates are here in one place.

Parent Calendar


California Distinguished School

 California Distinguished School

A California Distinguished School is an award given by the California State Board of Education to public schools within the state that best represent exemplary and quality educational programs. Congratulations Twin Hills administrators, faculty and staff for receiving this award twice in the past 8 years. 

Bosch, Cathy
Salas, Dawn
School Manager

Shadow Dates and Tours

If you are interested in learning more about our school and it's campus please email office manager Dawn Salas here or call the office to schedule your tour or a shadow day for your student.  We usually schedule shadow days on our early day Wednesday, but we are also able to work with your current school's schedule.  Tours are given any day of the week and are best in the morning hours (9:15), but we will work with any schedule. Come check us out. It will be worth your time.

Just a typical rainbow day at Twin Hills


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school supply list

Here it is the hot list of the season!

Student Supply List



School Map

Here is a school map just in case!  If you get lost or just plain confused, remember the office is the safe zone to come and ask questions.  We are happy to help you get to your designated classroom.  

School Map


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Considering Enrolling?

Our 3 year program prepares students for high school, whatever their level at arrival. Twin Hills offers outstanding academic, arts, and athletics, all within a safe and supportive environment. Open enrollment and no inter-district is needed. Contact Office Manager Dawn Salas at dsalas@twinhillsusd.org or call (707) 823-7446 to set up a shadow date for your child or to request a school tour. 

Twin Hills yearbook receives national yearbook program of excellence award second year in a row

There is only a few weeks of the 2017/18 school year left. If you haven't yet bought a yearbook, now is the time! Yearbooks can be purchased in the office for $50.00 (cash or check made out to Twin Hills Middle School). We are proud to say that the 2018 yearbook did win a national excellence in journalism award again this year. 







Sonoma County 5 minute film festival

15 films were showcased at the 5 Minute Film Festival on Monday, April 9 in Santa Rosa, 5 high school, 5 middle school, and 5 elementary school.  Twin Hills has 3 films in the middle school category created by 6th grade students.  Film teams walked the red carpet, viewed films on the big screen, and heard feedback from the judges.​


The theme of the festival was "community", and all 6th graders spent time this year thinking about and creating films related to this theme.  Films were judged by SCOE based on their connection to the theme, their storytelling skill, and their creativity. Please take a look at this video fom the event. Twin Hills @ 1:22 and more!



Meet Twin Hills New Video Production Teacher!

The Sonoma West Times and News recently published an article about Twin Hills newest video production teacher, Ann Humprey. Read the full article here.

Twin Hills middle school’s new video production ...more

Parents and Screen time rules

Here are a few articles on phone and other electronic device addiction that you might find interesting. The first is from KQED and the other from the New York Times.  


"Adolescents would like their parents to stop texting while driving or posting their photos without permission."


"Is Your Child a Phone Addict?"



Digital Citizenship program at Twin Hills

Teacher Therese LaLonde and school counselor, Hannah Goldman are collaborating to teach a digital citizenship program for all grades with the goal of fostering positive online behavior for students ...more


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If you have question's regarding the portal please call the office 823-7446

homework club


The schedules for all grades are as follows:

6th grade: M, T, Th - 3:30 - 4:30

7th and 8th grades: Monday Math and

Thursday Homework Club - 3:30 - 4:30

Renew is as follows:

7th and 8th: T, W, Th - 7:45 - 8:45 AM

If you have any questions please call 823-7446

Today: 7/19/18

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