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Panther Paws: News and Notes
Posted by: Therese LaLonde Published: 11/27/17

Calendar of Events


Monday 11/27:

3:30 - 4:30 7th Gr Girls Volleyball practice

3:30 Monday Math

4:30 - 5:30 8th Gr Girls Volleyball practice


Tuesday 11/28:

Progress reports mailed home

3:30 - 5:00 7th Gr Girls Volleyball practice

5:00 – 6:30 8th Gr Girls Volleyball practice


Wednesday 11/29

10 Days of Giving Starts


Thursday 11/30

3:30 - 5:00 7th Gr Girls Volleyball practice

5:00 - 6:30 8th Gr Girls Volleyball practice


Friday 12/1

December 1-8 7th and 8th Gr Boys Basketball Signup

Students sign-up in the office and fill out a sports packet and return with $65 sports fee.


Upcoming Dates: 

Monday, December 4th, Analy Choir Assembly

Friday, December 8th, Limo Ride to the Santa Rosa Mall

Thursday, December 14, Winter Concert


Spirit Dates for the month of December:

12/1 - Wacky Day

12/8 - Sports Day

12/15 - Twins Day

12/22 - Pajama Day


News Around Campus


Attention Creative 7th and 8th Grade Writers! The Twin Hills Creative Writing Club will begin meeting every Monday during lunch in Rm. 6. Our first meeting will be November 27th. No homework, no obligations, just having fun with writing. Bring your lunch and your creativity! 


Digital Citizenship

This month, teacher Therese LaLonde and school counselor, Hannah Goldman will be collaborating to teach a digital citizenship program for all grades with the goal of fostering positive online behavior for students in the digital age. And you may ask, what is digital citizenship? Digital citizenship generally refers to the behaviors, choices, and ethics a person applies when using technology. A more formal definition is presented in California's Education Code:


"An understanding of the ethical, legal, and safe use of information and technology.Respect for copyright, intellectual property, and the appropriate documentation of sources including the ability to differentiate between legal and illegal uses of information and sources so that students learn to apply responsible research practices. An awareness of local and global societal issues and responsibilities in an evolving digital culture, digital etiquette, and responsible social interactions related to the use of technology and information."


As educators, we recognize the need to teach children about this as we see young people spending increasing amounts of time using the Internet and social media. State and federal law makers have passed legislation requiring that public schools with  Internet access provide students with a digital citizenship learning curriculum. Now that we are developing a greater understanding of what digital citizenship is, the next step is to provide age-appropriate learning activities tailored to the needs of each classroom. 


Digital Citizenship Program Outline:


Fall Semester

  6th Grade: Digital Footprint

  7th Grade: Which Me Should I Be?

  8th Grade: Fake vs. Real

Spring Semester

  6th Grade: Cyberbullying - Crossing the Line

  7th Grade: Netiquette - Copyrights, Plagiarism, Fair Use

  8th Grade: Oops! I Broadcast It On the Internet



Parent Reminders


Please remember to keep the office informed of any changes in your contact information. it is important for us to be able to contact you in the event of an emergency or if your child becomes sick at school. Rest assured that if you child is sick r injured, the school will contact you and leave a message.


If your child will be absent from school, please call the office at 707-823-7446 in the morning. You may also call ahead with any pre-planned absences. 


The Middle Years - Working Together for School Success


The Tween Push-and-Pull


Your middle grader lets you into he world one minute, then seems to put up a keep out sign the next. She needs you - but at the same time, she's pushing you away to figure out who she is and to become more independent. Try these ideas for handling classic "now I need you, now I don't" behavior. 


Challenge: Your child no longer tells you about her life. 

Solution: Instead of pressing her for information, wait until she's in the mood to chat. If she opens up as you're heading to bed, consider staying up longer. Then, listen closely instead of immediately offering opinions or ways to fix problems. 


Challenge: Your tween spends more time with friends and less time with family.

Solution: It's normal for her to want to be with friends. To encourage family time, look for opportunities that appeal to her. Maybe you'll have breakfast together on weekends or invite a group of her friends to the movies.


Challenge: Your middle grader is embarrassed by whatever you do.

Solution: At this age, children want to fit in and are sensitive to what their peers think. Try not to take it personally, and remember that she'll outgrow it. In the meantime, notice what embarrasses your tween, and work around it if possible. For instance, if she doesn't like you hugging her good-bye in front of others, you might say "love you" and walk away, or arrange a hug at home.