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Panther Paws: News and Notes
Posted by: Therese LaLonde Published: 12/4/17

Calendar of Events


Monday 12/4:

Analy Choir Assembly 

Through December 8th - 7th and 8th grade boys basketball sign-ups! 

10 Days of Giving 

3:30 - 4:30 7th Gr Girls Volleyball practice

3:30 Monday Math

4:30 - 5:30 8th Gr Girls Volleyball practice


Tuesday 12/5:

1st Game @ Twin Hills - 7th Gr Girls Volleyball, 4 PM

1st Game @ Twin Hills - 8th Gr Girls Volleyball, 5 PM


Wednesday 12/6

Early dismissal at 2:15


Thursday 12/7

7th Gr Girls Volleyball game @ Willowside, 4 PM

8th Gr Girls Volleyball game @ Willowside, 5 PM


Friday 12/8

Last Day 7th and 8th Gr Boys Basketball Signup

Limo Ride to the Santa Rosa Mall; for those students who chose this event as their prize during the Magazine Sales in September


Upcoming Dates: 

Thursday, December 14, Winter Concert


Spirit Dates for the month of December:

12/1 - Wacky Day

12/8 - Sports Day

12/15 - Twins Day

12/22 - Pajama Day


New Around Campus


Creative Writers! 7th and 8th graders meet at lunch in Room 6. Students will ready your fabulous work from last week and do something new. Newcomers always welcome. No stress. Just fun. Bring snacks to share! 


The Middle Years - Working Together for School Success


From the art room:

Three Dangerous Words in Art Education - Is It Good?


Every lesson students ask me those three words. Even though I have taught them better it seems instinctual. The danger of answering is that we have just allowed them to submit their art to the value judgement of someone else. If they are expressing their thoughts or ideas or emotion through their work then by asking "Is it good?" they are undoing every risk and experiment that they just participated in. I wonder if Picasso or Pollock asked "is it good" to their peers?

So, instead of answering their question I engage in a learning conversation... It turns the question on them, and helps them to either properly frame their question "Have I used the process correctly?" or discuss what they are communicating; for example...
Student - "Is it Good?"
Teacher - "What do you think?"
Student - "I like it."
Teacher - "What do you like about it?"
Student - "I used several layers of color... I chose red and yellow to show anxiety, and then went over with vibrant blue to show courage, but then splattered red to show fear rising, but scratched that off to express walking through that fear" (an actual conversation with an 11 year old).

In the busyness of our days, it can be so easy to just say 'yes' or let our students and/or children slip into habits of looking for 'good' over looking for creativity, expression and ingenuity.