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Teacher Pages and Websites

class updates

Click on the link below to see what work your student has been assigned.

Please make sure you are also checking your students Google Classrooms. 

If the page is not updated please contact Dawn Salas at



Ms. Arrowsmith's Class Website


Ms Capriola's English 6 Class Website


Ms. Capriola's English 7 Class Website


Ms. Ellwood's Class Website Page


Ms. Fitch Class Website Page


Mr. Greenwald's Class Website Page


Ms. Hagan's Class Website Page


Counselor Ms. Hales Website (also see Counselor page for additional resources)


Ms. Konvalinka's Class Website Page


Ms. LaLonde's Art and Photography Website Page


Ms. LaLonde's Yearbook Website Page


Ms. Mardell's Class Website Page 


Ms. Nealeigh-Hughes' Class Website Page 


Ms. Reynold's Music Class Website Page


Ms. Zago's Class Website Page














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