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6th Grade Core/Academics

Our Core program

Our 6th grade core program follows the history and language arts California State Standards. The components of our program include:

  • Information, argument and narrative writing
  • use of tools to improve and create better writers using grammar programs
  • Reading independent books, short stories, poems and class novels
  • The study of ancient civilizations from the Stone Age throughout the Roman Empire

Our goals for students are to:

  • Deepen their skills as readers, communicators, thinkers and collaborators
  • Understand how early human societies formed and recognizing common themes in early human communities


6th Grade Math

Math  6th covers fractions, integers, introductory algebra, proportions and percents. In addition, there is a unit on problem solving which includes occasional written assignments called "problems of the week." Throughout the year we also focus on mental math and number flexibility through number talks. 

Goals for students include:

  • To develop a mastery of math that will also allow them to thrive in more advanced settings.
  • To build a foundation for life that gives them the skills to interpret information successfully.

6th Grade Science

Science in 6th grade covers space, Earth and the impacts humans have on the environment. 

Goals for students include:

  • Develop a better understanding of the world they live in
  • Know that they can make an impact in their world

Physical Education

Physical Education is required for all 6th grade students. This course covers an overall introduction into physical fitness. Students engage in numerous aerobic and anaerobic exercises and progress throughout the school year. Students participate in individual and team sports/activities. We emphasize sportsmanship, a positive attitude and fair play. Our goals are to have every student achieve success based on their level of ability and to every student to improve in ll levels of physical fitness.

student sitting at desk working
students working at table
student in front of wall art project
student in front of wall art project