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Twin Hills After School Sports Teams

Twin Hills Athletics

Welcome to the Twin Hills Middle School Sports program! We are excited that your student has the opportunity to be a part of our program. We want to make this sports year a great experience for both students and parents.

Twin Hills has a well rounded, three season athletic program. We believe this assists students in building confidence, character, and school and community engagement. Our goal is that every participating student has an opportunity to be a part of an athletic team and that the experience will be positive. Students will learn a multitude of skills including communication, cooperation, sports skills, rules and regulations as well as sportsmanship. At Twin Hills we value model sportsmanship. Our student athletes are held to high standards during and outside of their athletic participation. 

Students participating in our after school sports programs will have the potential to find their hidden talents and work towards their peak personal fitness levels. For some students this will be their first steps towards being a student athlete, while others will have more experience. Twin Hills does not cut any student as long as a student is eligible with grades and behavior. If necessary, Twin Hills will create two teams of equal skill level to allow as many students as possible to participate.


Sports packets are available in the Twin Hills office. Our hope is that being a student athlete enriches your students experience at Twin Hills. 



2017/18 Athletics Participation Report

Competitive Athletics Participation Report 2017 - 18


School Enrollment 308 160 148
Number of Student Athletes 162 83 79
Number of Middle School Sports Teams:      
Basketball 6 3 3
Football 2 0 2
Volleyball 4 3 1
Participation by Team:      
Grade 6 Basketball 21 10 11
Grade 7 Basketball 23 13 10
Grade 8 Basketball 21 6 15
Grade 6 Flag Football 13 0 13
Grade 7 Flag Football 10 0 10
Grade 8 Flag Football 0 0 0
Grade 6 Volleyball 13 13 0
Grade 7 Volleyball 18 16 2
Grade 8 Volleyball 22 15 7
Grades 6 - 8 Cross 
21 10 11



EDUCATION CODE SECTION 221.9 221.9. (a) Commencing with the 2015-16 school year and every year thereafter, each public elementary and secondary school in the state, including each charter school, that offers competitive athletics shall publicly make available at the end of the school year all of the following information: (1) The total enrollment of the school, classified by gender. (2) The number of pupils enrolled at the school who participate in competitive athletics, classified by gender. (3) The number of boys’ and girls’ teams, classified by sport and by competition level. (b) The data required pursuant to subdivision (a) shall reflect the total number of players on a team roster on the official first day of competition. (c) The school shall make the information specified in subdivision (a) publicly available as follows: (1) If the school maintains an Internet Web site, by posting the information on the school’s Internet Website. (2) If the school does not maintain an Internet Web site, by submitting the information to its school district or, for a charter school, to its charter operator. The school district or charter operator shall post the information on its Internet Web site, and the information shall be disaggregated by school site. (d) The materials used by a school to compile the information specified in subdivision (a) shall be retained by the school for at least three years after the information is posted on the internet pursuant to subdivision (c). (e) As used in this section, “competitive athletics” means sports where the activity has coaches, a governing organization, and practices, and competes during a defined season, and has competition as its primary goal. (Added by Stats. 2014, Ch. 258, Sec. 2. Effective January 1, 2015)

Team Schedules


  • 6th grade Girls Volleyball 

  • 6th grade Boys Flag Football

  • 7th/8th Boys Flag Football 

  • 7th/8th Girls Basketball 

  • 6th-8th Boys and Girls Cross County 


  • 7th/8th Girls Volleyball 

  • 7th/8th Boys Basketball 

  • 6th Girls Basketball

  • 6th Boys Basketball 


  • 6th-8th Girls Flag Football 

  • 6th-8th Boys Volleyball